Professional Support and Consulting Services

Consulting Services

CARE first offers geriatric consultant pharmacists and registered nurses to assist with regulatory compliance. Our professional team provides major support to client institutions during their required surveys to help avoid citations and fines, and to assure optimal quality of care.

CARE first offers customers the expertise of a registered nurse consultant who provides free services that include:

  • Pharmacy regulation and compliance consultation
  • Medication care checking and evaluation
  • IV therapy training
  • Training on insertion of peripheral lines (excepting PICC lines) for a below-market rate of $30/day

At a reasonable fee, CARE first also shares the services of a consulting pharmacist who provides the following services:

  • Monthly chart reviews as mandated by the Commonwealth for skilled nursing and personal care home residents
  • Assistance with prior authorizations, e.g., med order compliance with Medicare D formularies to assure coverage and consulting service for ordering physicians who then are enabled to make the necessary notifications and substitution to assure payment
  • Pharmacist participation in institutional behavioral and quality assurance meetings for continuity of care

Additional CARE first services include:

  • Monthly chart reviews, support with regulatory questions and support
  • Attendance at facility Q/A meetings
  • Ongoing education and support such as IV training, medication administration audits, and customized educational presentations to meet facility needs and /or requests

Billing Services

At CARE first, all billing is completed by the 3rd day of the new business month, to facilitate timely reimbursement and optimized cash flow for client institutions. In the case of SNFs, billing is done the night of the last day of the month, to further enhance the revenue cycle.

CARE first double-checks all resident-clients to assure that they have appropriate insurance plans and alerts institutions when they identify uncovered Medicare-eligible patients.

Our dedicated Medicare Part D team assists customer facilities and physicians in managing the time-consuming and often confusing reimbursement process associated with many of the Medicare Part D Insurance Plans. Direct interaction and follow up with the insurance plan and physicians to assist with managing prior authorization and/ or formulary medication changes necessary for by the Medicare Part D Insurance Plan reimbursement.

In addition to our Medicare Part D certification CARE first is also Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services certified and licensed to dispense and bill durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies covered by Medicare Part B.

CARE first also offers our customers an assigned billing representative to answer your staff and family member questions regarding billing or to provide assistance with the many questions that may arise related to the Medicare Part D prescription Plans. We will help residents and families find the right pharmaceuticals for any budget or circumstance, any time of the day or night.

Medical Records and IT Support

CARE first utilizes electronic medication administration record (eMAR) technology which keeps all records in digital format, which can be integrated with electronic health record systems in use at our customers’ facilities. Our medical records, forms and facility reports are customized for our customers to make medication administration easier, more efficient, and always accurate.

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