Pharmacy Services: Fully Automated Medication Dispensing and Safety Systems with a Commitment to Exceptional Service

dosisCARE first provides comprehensive institutional pharmacy services to skilled nursing, assisted living/personal care home and other institutional facilities with 20 or more beds. CARE first owns their 15-vehicle delivery fleet and employs their delivery personnel to assure quality and efficiency of service for every customer and to facilitate hours from 8am – 7pm every day. We take pride in our reliability, no matter the weather or other conditions, CARE first makes our customers’ deliveries.

In an emergency our customers can also rely on CARE first for 24/7 access to our pharmacists for medication needs and questions and delivery staff for stat and emergency medication needs.CARE first maintains a relationship with Med Call for emergency situations. This is a network of local pharmacies located throughout the service region, able to deliver stat medications whenever there is a need.

While we provide the most attentive service available, CARE first employs the technology and computerization normally associated only with very large institutional pharmacies. We have invested nearly a million dollars to acquire pharmacy automation for safety, efficiency and productivity to share with institutions, patients and residents. Examples include these technologies:


AutoMed Fast PAK Technology and Other Dispensing Systems

CARE first offers a broad spectrum of medication administration systems and solutions to nursing professionals for use in all types of healthcare facilities.

AutoMed Fast PAK technology involves a 320-cannister automated dispensing machine that produces one automated compliance-pack per group of administered meds for every patient. The compliance-pack includes every medication ordered for an individual patient for each medication pass, which means there is no need to sort meds at the institution prior to the medical pass. Clearly, this eliminates risk and enhances productivity at the institutional level. Advantages include:

  • Delivers absolute sterility
  • Assures correct packing, and accurate meds and dosages at each pass, eliminating the risk of wrong meds at the wrong time or incorrect manual packing
  • Seals each meds pass in a blister-pack for each individual patient and eliminates the need for hand-sorting by the institution staff. Studies indicate a savings of up to 45 minutes per pass, translating to greater staff productivity, risk reduction and accuracy
  • Provides evidence trail of all medication administration
  • Standardizes the med pass process
  • Can be sent home with residents during off-campus visits for safe medication administration and management

Medications packs are dispensed to include 7 days of medications for skilled nursing home patients and 15 days of medications for assisted living or personal care home residents.


CARE first’s unit dose box system allows for return and credit for most unused oral solid medications (except controlled substances) and can be customized to allow for anniversary or cycle fill systems that reduces nursing time being spent on reordering of medications.

CARE first offers punch card systems which allow for less handling and a 30-day supply with at-a-glance accountability. Punch cards can be set up for anniversary or cycle fill exchange systems that will alleviate the need for nursing staff to reorder any routine oral solid medications and allow for time to be spent on resident care instead of managing medication reorder.

CARE first customers can choose from a variety of convenient medication cart configurations to accommodate a variety of medication systems as well as a full complement of convenience and storage accessories including keyless entry.

Institutional pharmacy providers and extended care facilities share the challenge of improving patient medication compliance while reducing error and waste. Because of our continuous innovation, our medication carts and systems have become more reliable, more efficient, and more usable, ultimately delivering the best value in the industry.


eMAR and Pyxis – Electronic Ordering System

To assure accuracy, safety and security of medication order entry and to expedite access for customers, CARE first employs electronic medication administration record (eMAR) technology, and will work with clients to interface with existing electronic health records that may be in place at the customer’s facility where that is necessary.

CARE first also offers Pyxis systems to assure safe and secure storage and dispensing of medications for our customers with a need for this technology. Factors that determine whether a Pyxis machine is an appropriate solution include the size of the facility, acuity of residents or patients and distance from the pharmacy.


Dedicated Fax Server/DocuTrack System

CARE first’s dedicated fax server and DocuTrack system eliminates lost faxes, improves processing of prescriptions, and delivers efficiencies to our customers’ staff while allowing us to store, check and retrieve information medication orders and prescriptions instantly. Staff can securely access DocuTrack outside the pharmacy, enabling them to work remotely or implement centralized order processing.



TabSafe is an easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medications that can accommodate even the most complex dosing schedules. The medication management system reminds the user, dispenses medications, alerts caregivers before a dose time is missed, and monitors and records adherence. TabSafe can improve medication compliance to over 96%, leading to better health outcomes and avoiding preventable costly emergency visits and hospitalizations. The security features and online reporting provide peace-of-mind for users and their caregivers.

TabSafe helps residents of personal care facilities, primarily continuing care communities, take their medications in a timely manner while affording the facility the opportunity to monitor compliance in a manner that documents that medications are being taken as ordered. TabSafe’s automated medication management system is personalized to each individual patient in a way that helps prevent medication errors, while freeing up caregiver time, tracking medication inventory and alerting the pharmacy for automatic refills. The TabSafe system securely connects the prescribing physician, patient record and the CARE first pharmacy in a way that allows for real-time changes in medications and dosages, as needed at any point in time.

CARE first is an authorized dealer of the TabSafe medication management system, and will rent and manage TabSafe equipment and service on a monthly basis to either the facility or the individual resident as needed.

For more information on the TabSafe medication management system and how it works please visit their website at