CARE first Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Are you seeking institutional pharmacy services for your residential care facility? At CARE first, we’d like to share some frequently asked questions and answers for your convenience. Please browse our website and contact us if you’d like further information. If you’d like to read more about what our customers have to say about our service and technology visit our CARE first Success Stories page.


  • Will my prices go up with CARE first?

CARE first’s pricing is very competitive with that of larger pharmacies and can often be lower than some retail pharmacy services. With our pharmacy, services will improve but prices will not rise. For example, personal care and group homes receive monthly bills no more than three days after the close of a month; skilled nursing facilities receive theirs by the next day. Our record of billing accuracy will reduce your need to check every entry, in the end improving cash flow and eliminating unnecessary clerical work required of your clinical staff.


  • What are the advantages of eMAR?

Advantages include these:

  • Create and run reports any time, for example, influenza vaccinations, hospital admissions and readmissions, medication administration, and more, for reliable, trustworthy longitudinal tracking of pharmacy service
  • One touch printing of face sheets and medication lists to prepare for appointments and hospital visits
  • Remote access for authorized users, such as administrators, directors of nursing and clinicians, for patient safety and continuity of care
  • Instant to MAR updates, eliminating the wait for new updated MARs to be delivered, for expeditious, timely service
  • Quick sharing of information among authorized users (nursing staff, M.D., and family members) enhancing coordination among multiple care providers at different locations
  • Support and facilitation of reduction in medication administration errors, quicker identification and resolution of errors, and easy tracking of time and responsibility for errors
  • Secure storage of past MARs and the ability to store these MARs to free up physical storage space
  • Allows physicians to sign monthly orders electronically without leaving their facilities

CARE first’s eMAR system is bidirectional. That means we are able to save our customers nursing time by allowing nurses to spend less time on transcription of orders and treatments and focus more time on patient care. During normal business hours, you will fax all orders to us and we will enter them for you. During off hours, staff will enter the orders and we will verify them – all timesavers for our customers.


  • What is the difference between CARE first and a retail pharmacy?

CARE first is a closed pharmacy exclusively dedicated to serving residents in long term care facilities. This allows us to focus on the ever-changing atmosphere of long term care and bring our customers the very best service. Our specialization allows us to deliver exceptional value, accuracy and immediate response and decision-making.


  • How does CARE first differ from other long term care pharmacies?

CARE first is privately owned and owner-run, which allows for better customer service to our clientele. We also offer many services that other long term care pharmacies do not. Please contact us to hear about what CARE first can offer your facility.


  • What if I have an emergency and need medication for a resident immediately?

CARE first partners with thousands of pharmacies to provide our customers with STAT meds. Because of those partnerships, an emergency med from CARE first is right around the corner and can even be taxied from a local source directly to your facility.


  • What insurances does CARE first accept?

CARE first accepts all major insurance plans and is a participating provider with all Medicare Part D Plans available in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.