At CARE first our mission statement is based on our name.
We CARE for our customers, residents and employees FIRST.


CARE first customers can rely on institutional pharmacy services of the highest quality possible.
About CARE first

Welcome to CARE first, where everything we do supports the accuracy, safety and reliability of the care our customers offer to patients and residents. We use advanced technology combined with the highest level of individualized service available 24/7 to assure that our customers receive the best institutional pharmacy and consulting services available. Watch our video and learn more about how we care for our customers.

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Professional Resources

CARE first is committed to assisting residential care facilities, patients, residents and families with comprehensive pharmacy services. Accredited by the Compliance Team, on this page we offer information and medication education for seniors we hope you will find helpful.

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Our Team

CARE first employs a team of 50, including 35 full-time and 15 part-time personnel. The staff includes four pharmacists, one full-time consultant pharmacist, a registered nurse, two senior management staff, a team of IT/Medical Records specialists, pharmacy technicians, and business support professionals, and 15 delivery personnel.


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